Reaper – Phase 1.2

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Reaper is an interactive story broken up into phases, with three parts per phase, that allows you to impact certain choices of the characters as they progress through. Each part is designed to take less than five minutes to read.

Last time, you were asked the best way to enter the building. The winner was the Cellar! So down we go 🙂


Phase 1: Earth – Part 2: Cellar

“What do you think, Al?” Keira asked.

The bot whistled a low note, and Keira grinned. “See, he agrees with me,” she pronounced. “The cellar wins!”

“Fine,” Anton couldn’t help but smile at Keira’s enthusiasm, but it softened when he glanced outside at the cellar entrance. The two human guards standing either side of the cellar doors may look less scary than the Kliik soldiers, but they were still imposing.

“You ready?”

The sound of Keira’s voice made Anton turn back and he nodded an affirmative.

The two stood up and made their way to the exit of the room, Allen following at close range. The staircase outside was dim, with the light provided from a few street lights eking their light in from outside. Dark metal rails ran alongside the concrete steps both up and down, and concrete walls surrounded them. The air out here was noticeably colder than the room from which they had just come, though neither of the two seemed to notice.

Keira led the way swiftly down the stairs. They passed two more floors before they reached the ground floor, which was lightly carpeted in a very worn brown carpet that was probably a nice shade of some other colour when it was first put into place. The walls here retained their concrete appearance, with lights haphazardly placed along it, though they were not on.

The front door was at the far end of corridor they were in, but they turned left before they reached it and moved towards the side door that led into the same alleyway that their building of interest stood. The door was a small metallic door with no windows and a small handle, and looked almost brand new, making it stand out against the surrounding decrepit structure. It didn’t make a noise as Anton pushed it and glanced out over the street.

Outside, the street was empty. The cellar wasn’t quite visible from the angle they were at, but the top of the stairs down towards it was.

“What’s the plan?” Anton turned to Keira, who furrowed her brow. Allen had settled down into quietly hovering just above her, almost out of sight in the low light.

“I think,” she began, then paused, then continued, “I think we need to time the Kliik patrols and then jump the guards at the cellar door,” she said. “Eliminate them quickly, and then make our way inside. I have the latest Unlocker model, so the door lock shouldn’t be too big an issue, providing we time it right.”

Anton nodded, and glanced out just in time to see a Kliik patrol team, complete with two armoured Kliik’s and two armoured Human’s, emerge from the shadows beside the building and make their way slowly and carefully along the street.

“Won’t they notice two missing guards at the cellar door?” he asked.

“Probably,” she agreed. “But we won’t remove them. It’ll be your job to stand them upright and make them look like it’s just a normal night on the job.”

Anton just grunted.

It took Keira and Anton a good ten minutes to carefully time the patrols, and then another couple of minutes to wait until the best moment to move.

“Ready?” Keira asked. Anton just grunted. And then they moved.

Silently, swiftly, they made their way out of the building and down the edge of the street, keeping to the shadows, Allen silently following above. Keira mentally counted down the amount of time before the patrol returned into sight; it was less than a minute.

“Targets sighted,” Anton whispered, and pulled out his gun. He quickly attached the silencer, then spent a few seconds eyeing up the two guards. Keira held her breath, and remembered to keep counting. The wait seemed like ages, but she knew Anton and he needed the time to gather his focus together. There was a certain weak spot with the Kliik armour when worn on Humans that the Kliik’s hadn’t bothered to fix, just where the chest met the neck; and that kind of accuracy required attention.

Fip! Fip!

The two shots were barely noticeable, with the movement of the air being the only sound to indicate they had happened at all. The two guards clutched their chests, then slowly toppled with small thuds. By the time they hit the floor, Keira and Anton were darting across the street and down the stairs as if something were chasing them.

Reaching the cellar door, Keira tried the handle and was surprised when the door actually moved. She stopped it before it went too far, and pulled out a device from the belt she had. She ran it quickly over the door and grimaced as it recognised an alarm switch that would have triggered had she decided to push the door open straight away.

“It’s alarmed. Gimme a moment,” she turned to Anton, who had already propped up both guards, removed the silencer from his gun and was scanning the street around him for any targets. <em>Efficient as always</em>, she thought. Not that it would mean much if they were caught; they were no match against Kliik weaponry.

Keira finished her sweep and replaced the analyser, before pulling out yet another device from her belt. She ran it over and over the alarmed area, setting up static that would make the alarm think it was connected even when it wasn’t.

“I hear footsteps,” Anton grunted, and ducked down. A small low electronic buzz from above them indicated that Allen agreed. Keira dropped down out of sight, following Anton’s movement, and continued to run the device over the area. She’d give it a few more seconds, but if not they’d have to just risk it.

A second passed. Another. Then a light on the device went green.

“We’re in!” Keira exclaimed softly, and pushed the door open. She skipped through, Anton following close behind with his gun at his side. Allen slipped through the top of the door just as Keira pushed it closed again and the Kliik patrol appeared around the side of the street.

Keira and Anton leaned against the back of the cellar door, willing the patrol behind them not to notice anything untoward with the guards, and that the cellar in front of them was empty. It was certainly dark, and they could barely see in front of them.

Time went by, and nothing happened. Allen above them remained quiet, so the room must be empty. Still they waited. Seconds ticked past, then minutes.

Finally, Keira turned to Anton and smiled. “Seems we’re in,” she said, in soft disbelief.

Allen beeped a low warning above them just as a voice, which wasn’t Anton’s, replied loudly, “Who the hell are you?”

Keira had to do everything she could not to scream, and grabbed at the torch on her belt. Activating it, she turned it on the voice, the torch illuminating crates, boxes and finally alighting on a man dressed in a janitor’s outfit glaring up at them.

He raised his hand against the light. “Who are you?” he repeated his demand. Both Keira and Anton stared dumbfoundly at this foe, and Allen realised it was up to him to move things forward.

Now you need to make a decision as Allen! What should Allen do?

  1. Confront the person
  2. Advise Anton to shoot
  3. Advise Keira to try and negotiate
  4. Wait to see what happens

Send your answer to Wuufu through PM, Telegram or Query by 21st February, and join us next time for the continuation!

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