Would you like to write for the Wuufu Warble? Every month we have a space for a featured article by any NS reader. If you want to see your words in the Warble, simply contact Wuufu, and you’ll get your very own account on the site in which you can write your article to be published in the next issue.

Wuufu is the Chief Editor, owner and founder of the site. A gentle geek, lover of sci-fi, fantasy, anime and especially Jedi, Wuufu created the Warble as an expression of cultural enjoyment that was experienced in NationStates and yet another way to give back to the communities that just keep giving. It is thanks to your support in both reading and contributing that the Warble is what it is today.

Legonimis was the first guest writer for the Wuufu Warble. A denizen of Spiritus, his unique outlook is the due to an excess of both Latin and psychotherapy. As a result, he fancies himself an aesthete as well as empathetic intellectual of dubious success on either front. His heroes include Eleanor Roosevelt, Erasmus of Rotterdam, and the Latin poet Catullus, a catalogue which further illustrates his peculiar nature. His ultimate goal in life is to be affluent enough to be eccentric rather than just weird.

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