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For your chance to win a copy of The Flame in the Flood worth $20, PM/Telegram/Query Wuufu the answer to the following question:

What is it that makes The Flame in the Flood so unique as a survival game?

  1. You can control the elements of water and fire
  2. Open world co-op survival
  3. The ability to tame animals who help you survive
  4. White water rafting down a procedural river

Entries close Friday 25th September. The draw will be made shortly after using a random generator and the winner announced in the next issue. Good luck!

Last issue I asked you the question: What is the name of the protagonist in Life is Strange? The answer: 2) Max

We had four entrants and the winner of the competition, chosen by Tammy, was Toms, with the second winner being ProfessorHenn! Toms won a copy of Life is Strange, and gifted it to Taeji (as he already had the game), and ProfessorHenn won the first episode only.

Below are the chat logs from the event, since I forgot to screencap it.

12:36:52 Wuufu: Tammy!

12:36:52 Tammy: Wuufu!

12:36:56 Wuufu: I need your help

12:37:08 Wuufu: Two draws for the previous trivia

12:37:13 Wuufu: .ask Are you ready?

12:37:13 Tammy: Wuufu: my reply is no

12:37:23 Wuufu: .ask Are you ready now?

12:37:24 Tammy: Wuufu: yes definitely

12:37:28 Wuufu: Oh great

12:37:40 Wuufu: For the winner...

12:37:55 Wuufu: .ask toms or feirmont or tim or henn

12:37:56 Tammy: Wuufu: toms

12:38:00 Wuufu: For the runner up…

12:38:09 Wuufu: .ask feirmont or tim or henn

12:38:10 Tammy: Wuufu: henn

12:38:14 Wuufu: And there you have it!


Issue 12 - September 2015
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