Reaper – Phase 1.1

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Reaper is an interactive story broken up into phases, with three parts per phase, that allows you to impact certain choices of the characters as they progress through. Each part is designed to take less than five minutes to read.



The day the Kliiks invaded is a day that is burned into the minds of every living human being on the planet. The sky darkened as giant metallic ships slowly descended, coming out of hyperspace so close to the planet’s external atmosphere that no warning was possible. From these giant behemoths came smaller ships; small slim fighters capable of quickly destroying military vehicles that tried to oppose the order, larger carriers with troops inside, and even larger ships that could pummel the surface.

Missiles were launched. Armies were pitted against the enemy. Two full days of warfare showed the clear victor, with millions dead. And who could have predicted anything otherwise? Given the power the Kliiks possessed, the strength of their shields and their superior firepower, nothing the human race had could match it.

And then the Kliiks stopped. The initial resistance destroyed, the Kliiks landed and occupied the world. Any further attempts to attack either the Kliiks or even other humans with military force were met with ferocious replies. Within three months, world peace finally reigned on Earth, if only because the Kliiks demanded it.

The Kliiks integrated themselves into the highest levels of society, using human puppets as intermediaries. A world wide police state was put into place to ensure that those who tried to change things were removed. An undercover worldwide resistance network was born, known as the Clickers, aimed at doing whatever was possible to combat the Kliik invasion.

Over the past few years the Clickers have sabotaged, stolen from and generally disrupted the Kliiks and their supporters. Many a time it has resulted in random citizens being charged with treason and executed, but the movement has grown into a worldwide movement with one goal: to remove the Kliik occupation.

Keira and Anton are two high ranking members in the Clickers organisation stationed in London, UK. A report has just come in about something called the Reaper Project. No-one knows what it is, but the fact that the Kliiks are interested in it makes the Clickers interested in it, and that’s more than enough reason for the two to investigate…


Phase 1: Earth – Part 1: Infiltration

Keira grasped hold of the binoculars, brushed aside her auburn hair and looked again. The building across the street from them was at least four stories, and like nearly all of the Kliiks new constructions in the city, was grey and lifeless from the outside. The street itself was relatively quiet of cars and citizens, it being a restricted side street, while Kliik patrol units were interspersed with Human guards as they meandered slowly around the building, keeping an eye out for anybody who shouldn’t be there.

The Kliiks were equipped with their blasters and armor, the former set to only function when in contact with living Kliik cells, making it almost impossible for the Clickers to pick them up and use them, and the latter impenetrable from all current Human weaponry. This made Kliik’s hardy targets you ran from rather than engaged.

The Humans also wore Kliik armor, but were instead equipped with automatic machine guns of some unknown new model. Traitors, Keira thought in the back of her mind, though she knew deep down they were as trapped in the system as everyone else.

“See a way in?” Anton grunted.

“Actually, I do,” Keira handed him the binoculars and pointed. “That entrance there is relatively unguarded, except for a couple of Human guards.” The entrance Keira pointed out was at the bottom of a set of stairs leading down into the ground, and probably lead into the buildings basement or cellar.

“I don’t like it,” Anton muttered, “why leave it unprotected? The Kliiks aren’t known for lapses in defense procedures. What about that drainpipe?”

It was Anton’s turn to point, and he motioned out the drainpipe down the side of the building which lead onto an even smaller street. Being in between buildings gave it shade from the moonlight above them.

“Probably safer, but it’ll take longer to get in and we might get noticed.” Keira noted.

Anton sighed and put down the binoculars. “I don’t see many other options,” he admonished quietly.

Keira looked up at the sky as if seeking guidance, and then straightened a little and smiled. “We could walk the tightrope,” she suggested.

Anton glanced up and grimaced.

Between their building and the one across the road were thick cables, providing power or communications links, or something of the sort. Crossing that would be tricky, but if it could take their weight unless someone looked directly up they’d be camouflaged against the darkened sky.

Anton shook his head and glared at Keira. “Are you out of your mind?” he pouted. “One mistake and we’re dead; killed by our own stupidity instead of the enemy.”

Keira laughed, and quickly stifled it with a hand over her mouth. “Like what we’re planning to do isn’t already near suicide,” she pointed out, then turned around quickly. A soft buzzing had started behind her, and the cause soon appeared as a small white spherical hoverbot flew quickly into the room.

Keira relaxed, and smiled. “Al, about time.” Allen, or Al for short, was their semi-sentient Artificial Intelligence; autonomous flying hoverbots small enough to fit into pockets and with the ability to analyse the situations, they were indispensable to the resistance movement.

Al stopped buzzing and beeped softly a few times in its standard query tones. The bots could be completely silent, and all sounds made by the bot were artificial. It must have thought buzzing was a safer way to approach instead of coming up behind them and beeping.

“We’re still trying to figure out the best way to get into the building,” Anton answered the bot, then explained the three possible entryways.

“What do you think, Al?” Keira asked.

Now you need to make a decision as Allen! Which way should Allen suggest is the best way into the building?

  1. Cellar entrance
  2. Drainpipe
  3. Overhead wires

Send your answer to Wuufu through PM, Telegram or Query by 21st October, and join us next time for the continuation!

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