Reaper – Phase 1.3

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Reaper is an interactive story broken up into phases, with three parts per phase, that allows you to impact certain choices of the characters as they progress through. Each part is designed to take less than five minutes to read.

Last time, you were asked how to respond to the janitor. Since there were no replies, the winner is for Al to watch what happens! Let’s find out!


Phase 1: Earth – Part 3: Hacking

Allen beeped a low warning above them just as a voice, which wasn’t Anton’s, replied loudly, “Who the hell are you?”

Keira had to do everything she could not to scream, and grabbed at the torch on her belt. Activating it, she turned it on the voice, the torch illuminating crates, boxes and finally alighting on a man dressed in a janitor’s outfit glaring up at them.

He raised his hand against the light. “Who are you?” he repeated his demand. Both Keira and Anton stared dumbfoundly at this foe, and Allen realised it was up to him to move things forward, yet he couldn’t quite figure out how.

Seconds passed, and then Keira suddenly smiled. “We’re not here for you, old man,” she said. “And if I were you, I’d stay out of our way.”

The man’s face paled. “You’re with the resistance,” he grimaced. “Why are you here? If they find you-”

“Then we’ll fight it out,” Anton growled softly, ignoring the guy’s blatant misuse of their name. Their allies called them the Clickers, but those who felt that their actions endangered the peace they had brokered with their alien invaders called them the Resistance, and it had become a slur. “But that’s the whole idea. We’re going in, grabbing what we need, and getting outta here.”

Keira walked swiftly over to the janitor, who took a step back as she reached him. “You betta stay silent, old man,” she said. “Don’t make me regret not shooting you.”

The man licked his lips and didn’t reply. Taking this as an affirmative, Keira led Anton and Allen deeper into the room, past more crates and boxes and towards two doors at the far end of the room, one of them open to reveal the polished floor that made up the rest of the building.

The three reached the doors in a few strides, and Anton glanced out into the empty hallway. It came to a short dead end to their right, with what looked like a large cargo elevator, the green light of the display providing a stark contrast in the dark. To their left were stairs, make from the same polished stone material as the floor with a metal railing going up the right side. Above this was a small yellow light, offering a weak glow over the room.

Keira motioned they should climb. Up they went, following the curve, and coming out into another larger room, empty with a clean, high tech corporate feel. The cargo elevator was over to the far right, and while well lit, the room lacked anything else.

They proceeded through the room, and a few more similar to this, before reaching a carpeted corridor that led down between rooms with glass walls and glass doors. Soft lighting was lit overhead, lighting the corridor and illuminating the glass. Everything was soft, silent.

They slowly made their way down, keeping to the shadows as best they could. The first room they came to revealed rows of computer terminals inside a darkened room, and they ducked inside.

“Well,” Anton whispered. “We could check here.”

“Are you kidding?” Keira admonished. “The terminals are likely to be boobytrapped, not to mention they’ll probably not contain anything of what we’re after. We’re best off going up a few more floors and looking for the office of whomever runs this place. This late at night I doubt anyone will be home, and providing we’re careful…”

Anton grunted. “We’re long past being careful,” he replied. “Look at where we are. In one of the central buildings that Kliik’s hold, looking for information on one of their top secret projects, if not one they’ve been incessantly talking about in the communiques.”

“Yes, we are,” Keira glared back. “And I want to make sure that we leave with the information we came for. It would be silly to get this far and come away empty handed just because we didn’t want to go the extra step.”

“But taking that extra step is dangerous!” Anton raised his whisper just a fraction. “If we can get this information out here, then we can get out now without the possibility of going further and tripping an alarm or something.”

Keira sighed. It was true that going further would increase their chances of being caught, but it also increased their chances of getting the information they needed. Dangerous information like this wasn’t to be found in ordinary computer terminals. That being said, they weren’t in an ordinary building; this was a Kliik stronghold. Perhaps the Kliik’s trusted those who sat at these screens…

Shaking her head, she turned to the small floating bot hovering just above her. “Al? Can you hack these without getting caught?” she queried.

Now you need to make a decision as Allen! What should Allen do?

  1. Confirm that he can hack these
  2. Suggest that Anton and Keira go find the head office
  3. Suggest that Anton and Keira go find different terminals
  4. Suggest that they retreat

Send your answer to Wuufu through PM, Telegram or Query by 21st May, and join us next time for the continuation!

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