Issue 9 – March 2015

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Wuufu’s Words

It’s time for the ninth issue of the Wuufu Warble, the issue that will revive the Warble after its short break. The Advent Calendar following the December edition was rather successful, and I will be doing another one of those at the end of this year.

This issue unfortunately lacks the Reaper due to time issues, but that means you can still suggest what happens. Go here to read what happened last time, but be quick if you want to respond as I’ll be writing this up nearer the end of this month!

We also have a few new features such as our Featured Blog Post (which replaces the Featured Wikipedia Article introduced last year and is likely to be a lot more interesting), and the Featured Fanfic (which will sometimes replace the Featured Book).

Anyway, you should stop reading this and go read the rest of this issue. Go. Get!

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