Featured App: Yoritsuki

By on Dec 1, 2015 in Issue 15 | 0 comments

Yoritsuki is a Japanese application that simulates a Japanese inn. You can change the backdrop to various different seasons and weather patterns, pick the time of day, choose your favourite shoji (doors that cover or reveal the backdrop), and add ornaments to the inside of the inn (such as seating, drinks and ornaments).

Sounds will play relaxing tones based on the options you pick above so you can listen to the environment you have decided upon, which provides for a very relaxing view. The app also provides a clock mode, so you can use it as a bedtime or desk clock. Anyone looking for a highly pleasant and very chill Japanese inn experience should look no further than this app.

Get Yoritsuki on Apple's App Store

$1.99 / ~£1.32

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