Featured App: Heyday

By on Dec 1, 2014 in Issue 8 | 0 comments

Heyday is an automatic photo memory app for iPhone that takes your photos stored on your device and then displays them in date order with a variety of different layouts, so you can go back and remember what you did in the past, both recent and years ago! This is a great alternative from a written diary if you find yourself short on time for writing yet have a device full of photos from all the events you went to in the past.

Heyday also comes with a cloud storage solution so you can backup your memories with their layouts on the Internet to never lose a moment. The app also lets you write notes against each moment, tag your friends that appear, and then search back to easily and quickly find your favourites. Finally, Heyday can also store where you’ve travelled and when even if you don’t take photos, so you can track where you’ve been.

There’s no Android app, but if you like the look of Heyday you can sign up here to be let known when it gets released!

Available on the App Store


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