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Letterboxd is an alternative to sites like Flixster which help to track the films you watch and want to watch in the future. It starts by offering you a diary function, allowing you to record when you watch films and then rate them accordingly. This rating is then shown alongside the ratings and reviews of other users on the site, allowing you to see where your own rating stands amongst the wider audience and which films are worth putting effort into.

Beyond becoming your own personal tracking system, it also allows you to create lists of movies to share with others. You’ll find all kinds of lists spanning genres and themes for you to view as well. Finally, you’re able to link up with your friends and family who are on the service to compare films and track what they’re watching and want to watch, the latter great use in organising cinema trips out. Letterboxd will also show you when specific films are coming out so you can set reminders for future films that you really can’t afford to miss.

Put all of this together and it makes the service a fantastic all round package for film lovers.

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