Featured Board Game: Mysterium

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Mysterium follows the adventures of a group of seances as they communicate with a ghost, all played by players in this communicative game. The seances have only seven hours, each hour a round, to determine a person, place and murder weapon the ghost is trying to tell them, a suspect in that ghost’s murder. The ghost however can’t talk, capable of only describing the quarry of the seance’s investigations using images drawn from a deck of cards that they must deal with in a clever and meaningful way to ensure each seance stays on the right path.

Each round, players get given one or more of these image cards from the ghost player and must determine first person, then place, then murder weapon, using only the images given, help from their fellow seance’s and their own instinct. If all seance’s manage to discover all three things before time runs out, then the ghost will reveal three more images that identify which of the player’s quarries really did the deed. Seances then must secretly vote and only win if they, by majority vote, find the right combination!

This game is a great one to play as it encourages teamwork and fun detective work, and offers a challenging insight into the mind of the ghost player who is trying to persuade you to pick the right things! This is a fond game of which to pick during this month of October where Halloween once again brings families round the table to play games together.

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