20th December

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Sushi Go! is a pass and play card game where you build points by matching various cards that you get, while trying your best to prevent your fellow players doing the same by selecting cards they may need. With each game lasting around fifteen minutes, this is a great game for those moments where you have a small bored group waiting for the next social event to happen amid the holiday season, and you’d like to pass the time with a quick game such as this.

There are various different cards to enjoy with their own cute designs, such as the Tempura (each double worth 5 points), the Sashimi (each triple worth 10 points), and special cards like Chopsticks which let you play two cards on a future turn instead of one.

Watch TableTop play Sushi Go! to the left (video will start at the Sushi Go! game) to see the basics of the rules explained in more detail by Wil Wheaton, and grab the game yourself for around $10-20! Sushi Go! is a great short game that’ll really brighten up the mood with its colourful graphics and simple gameplay.

Epic Draw lines are still open, with no (0) entries! Unscramble that word and tell Wuufu!

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