10th December

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DNDSPEAK is a great repository for extra material for your tabletop (and possibly non-tabletop) roleplaying needs. With each list having 100 possible options (so easy to roll that d100) this is a great site to pickup ideas.

8th December

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MyAbandonware is a great repository for viewing, playing and downloading old abandoned games for free. You don’t even have to register to start playing! A great site for relaxing at this Christmas.

3rd December

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Get organised this Christmas! Or perhaps leave it as a New Year’s resolution? Regardless, ClickUp is a beautiful project management suite that’s simple yet versatile to use. And the best part, it has a rather great free plan!

Featured Website: Modplug

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Modplug is the home of the Modplug Tracker, free software to allow you to make music through various beats, and also hosts links to free music from independent artists.

Featured Website: Openings.moe

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Openings.moe lets you view random opening (and closing) themes from all the anime out there. Perhaps you’ll see one you recognise!

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