12th December

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Sussed is a great party game where you each take it in turns to ask a question with three possible answers, have everyone guess which one you’d pick, and then reveal which is right!

Featured Board Game: Firefly: The Game

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A great game where you begin with a ship, travel from planet to planet, hiring crew, purchasing ship upgrades, and picking up cargo to complete jobs, all while trying to be the first player to complete the story goal.

Featured Board Game: Betrayal at House on the Hill

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Explore a spooky house tile by tile, building it out until you find the hidden omen that will turn one of you traitor. Then the game turns on its head as you play out one of 50 different scenarios…

20th December

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Sushi Go! is a quick food points game that’s great for small gatherings and perfect for the odd game over the holiday period.

Featured Board Game: Scrawl

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Can you draw the phrase you’re given? Can you guess the drawing? In this game of picture based Chinese whispers, you have to do both, with highly amusing results!

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