Featured Game: Stardew Valley

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Anyone looking for a nice relaxing life simulation set in the country need look no further. Stardew Valley is a beautiful game set in the small town of the same name, where the player’s character sets up becoming the farmer of their grandfather’s old farm. By clearing the farm out, the player can setup a farm of their choosing, by planting crops and tending animals for products, with animals not being able to die.

In addition (or instead), players can go mining, fishing, foraging, and cook food, all of which have specific items and bonuses to help out in those areas. In all of these areas, players level up as they gain experience. The town also offers a wide selection of NPCs (non-player characters) whom are available for interaction with the character and whom the character can work on to improve their relationships with each, with a few offering romantic options leading to marriage and a helping hand on their farm.

A spiritual successor to the game Harvest Moon, this is a relaxing and enjoyable open-ended experience that provides a wide variety of different play options that keep things consistently fresh.

£11 / ~$14
Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux, and macOS

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