Featured Board Game: Firefly: The Game

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Firefly: The Game is a fantastic board game set in the universe of the hit TV show of the same name. It involves you taking over a starship, hiring crew, taking on jobs, and exploring the ‘Verse. You all play a single storyline, working against each other in a race against time in order to meet the objectives laid out. You’ll need money, often crew with the right stats, and a whole bundle of luck to win. And often the fun comes when you scoop victory out from beneath everyone else.

The game offers a number of expansions to go beyond the base setting once you have become accustomed to it, which expand the universe and add new features such as direct PvP against other players, along with more crew, items, ships and adventures to dive into. The fun of building your family and taking on the jobs that suit your goals is often more fun than completing the tasks, and this game is known to go on for hours as you all trapse around the ‘Verse.

While I might have featured this board game before in one of the very early releases that no longer exist, it’s worth a re-visit and definitely worth playing, and is a great game for 1-7 players to have a crack at this Christmas season.

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