21st December

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Entropy: Worlds Collide is a competitive card game of risk, deception and action management as you work against one to three other players (that is the game is a 2-4 player game), trying to piece back your memories before everyone else. Everyone has six actions, one of them unique and one a reset of your own deck, which you can use once each round. The whole game itself usually only takes 15 minutes in total, making games quick and sharp to finish.


The game itself has a fantastic art sense and a well designed lore. It was boosted (as many things these days) through a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now a personal favourite of mine. For a super last minute gift this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with this one. Or perhaps save it as a gift for the new year, maybe to yourself?

Epic Draw lines are still open, with three (3) entries!
Unscramble that word and tell Wuufu, your last chance to win!

22nd December
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