18th December

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We're finding out how people feel about economics, providing a new way of talking about the subject, and campaigning for others to do the same

Economy is a UK charity that is around to help you learn what the economy offers! With clear cut guides that bring an attempt at an unbiased view of the various topics that surround economics, the website is aimed at people with no clear understanding and breaks the information down into manageable articles. And for us interested in the political nature of nations, this topic is rather integral to their functioning.

The website offers articles on current topics such as Brexit, plastic, guns and Uber, as well as basic topics such as the economy impacts your home, your work, and the government. And being a charity, it offers you a way to get engaged in helping to share the information as well, should you wish!

Epic Draw lines are now open; decipher the word and tell Wuufu!

Please note that there was also an Epic Draw Letter yesterday that was missed during publication… catch ’em all!

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