Featured Board Game: Betrayal at House on the Hill

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Betrayal at House on the Hill is a game which changes each time you play it. You take it turns in building out a randomly drawn haunted house, tile by tile, exploring the three floors (upper, ground, and basement) as one of six characters. You find items, experience events, and then encounter omens. For each omen you find, it gives you an ever increasing chance of leading to the second half of the game play; betrayal.

For when betrayal comes, one of you will become a traitor. There are fifty different scenarios that all depends on the omen you have found and the room you have found it in. All of this allows for a completely different experience each time you play; a different house design, different items/events, and a different betrayal scenario. In all my times of playing I have yet to have encountered the same betrayal encounter more than once.

This spooky game is a great choice for the Halloween scene, suitable for 3-6 players, and takes around an hour to play. Check it out!

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