Issue 18 – December 2016

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Wuufu’s Words

It’s that time of year again, where we venture into our homes to drink hot chocolate, eat warm mince pies with thick cream, and unwrap gifts found under the tree. Or is that just me? It could well be just me. Anyway, regardless of what you are doing this winter season, here’s another jam packed edition of the Wuufu Warble, and another wintry advent to follow suit.

In this edition, we have one of my favourite Anime productions to come out this year (a music video turned Anime), Shelter. A must watch! We’ve also got the game I can’t stop playing, Overwatch (seriously, I’m addicted, help!) And we have a guide to being happy (it’s a state of mind that you decide).

So get tucked in with nice warm pajamas while you peruse and stay tuned for more to come over the following weeks!

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