Featured Board Game: Scrawl

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Scrawl is a fantastically hilarious party game where you have to take it in turns either drawing from a phrase, or writing down what you think has been drawn. Each player takes a phrase card and chooses a phrase to draw. They then pass this to the player next to them, who then has to guess what you drew and write it on a card they put over the top. The next player draws that, and the next guesses that drawing, all the way until it comes back around to you! A very simple concept of picture based Chinese whispers.

Once it comes back to you, each player takes it in turn to reveal just what their drawing started at, and the slow progression into madness it follows. Sometimes this isn’t so mad (I had a turn where my ‘Talking Shit’ card stayed just that), but other times it goes completely off the rails, and there are twists and turns that catch you way off guard and have you laughing out loud until you cry. Literally cry. Yes, that happened to me!

This is a great game for larger groups, with the game suitable for 4-8 players, and is so fun you’ll want to continue playing even when you’ve stopped scoring, just to see what other hilarities emerge. And there’s not much more to it than that!

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