3rd December

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"Haunted Bunk Bed Terrifies Family" |

I post a lot of stuff on my Tumblr, share a lot of pictures on my Instagram, put videos on my YouTube channel, and do dumb things every day with Twitter. I'm also starting a regular thing on my Twitch channel (more on that later), so I can honestly say that I produce a lot of content or at least share a lot of content online.

I often publicise Wil Wheaton, as he’s someone who’s creations I read and watch on a regular basis. I follow him on Twitter, read his blog regularly, and watch TableTop, TitansGrave, and Critical Role from the YouTube channel he founded.

So I guess it comes as no surprise that when he says he’s going to be posting some awesome stuff every day of December with, and I quote:

a picture, a few lines from a work in progress, a video, a collection of links to things, or even just one link to one thing

Then obviously, I’m going to promote that. Enjoy!


Other Christmas Advents

Also in this post, two other Christmas advent calendars to follow: check out Fallen London and the Advent of Kindness! If you know any others, let me know!

4th December
2nd December

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