Issue 17 – October 2016

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Wuufu’s Words

Once again, we return into the depths of the Wuufu Warble. What a glorious sight to behold! We have a jam-packed issue for you this month, and work has already begun on next months issue so do stay tuned as it’s more than likely we’ll manage to get two in a row with this restart!

Now, onto what we have in this issue. I’d like to start by saying this month’s Play Now game (in our Fun and Games section) is a rather interesting one indeed! Named Alter Ego, you play through the life of a person from birth to death and influence how they turn out as a person. Written by a psychologist, it’s a really interesting game indeed with many hidden nooks and crannies. How does your Alter Ego turn out, do let me know!

Also in this issue, we have a musical game of anime beauty, an anime where death is the path to success, and our second board game which follows the murder investigation of a ghost. So what are you waiting for? Go read on!

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