Featured Game: VOEZ

By on Oct 3, 2016 in Issue 17 | 0 comments

VOEZ is a musical rhythm game that is absolutely stunning in design (seriously, check out their website, linked), has some great musical tracks, and a fantastic anime theme. As with music games like Guitar Hero, you tap on your device in time to the beat that gets more and more frantic depending on the level of song you decide to get. As you complete tasks that the game gives you, you’ll unlock more of the story that is hidden in the app, opening up more of the lore behind the Anime musical band.

The videos below show the teaser trailer, and then some insane person doing a Level 16 song, a rather high level indeed, all perfectly. Trust me when I say I take the tracks far slower and lower level, and it’s a very relaxing experience!

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Free to play!

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