Featured Board Game: Concept

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Concept is a fantastically designed game where you have to convey ideas through the use of icons, found on the central board. By laying out a single concept, and if you want up to four sub concepts, you can direct everyone’s thoughts towards the word or phrase that comprises your idea. For example, to suggest milk, you could put your main concept (represented by a question mark) on the food/drink icon, then add cubes of the same colour (representing additions to the main concept) on the liquid and white colour icons. A food or drink that’s white? Milk! Those who guess correctly get points along with the person who was conveying the concept.

The game could be said to be a mix between Pictionary and Charades, and for that it’s pretty much spot on. From the times I’ve played it, we’ve finished with the scoring period pretty quickly and moved on into the fabled just another turn, often playing until we run out of time to play anymore. Given the structure of the board, it can differ between being really easy to describe a concept to being ridiculously difficult, and you’ll often find that the ones that the game suggests are easy concepts turn out to be anything but.

This game is a great introduction to the new Featured Board Games section as its a great introductory game to anyone wishing to get someone interested in playing tabletop related games. Given the success of the recent TableTop Day on April 30th, the TableTop area in world is growing in leaps and bounds and I would be amiss to miss it out from future issues, so look forward to this as a regular thing!

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