Featured Blog Post: Literary Moments in Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Books and reading are at the very foundation of Star Trek: The Next Generation. From Shakespeare to Sherlock Holmes (the two most popular literary references), and from plays to poetry, Star Trek underscores the continuing relevance of literature to the human species, especially as it moves among the stars.

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Some readers are likely already familiar with the Book Riot blog. If not, all you need to know is that it is for book lovers, by book lovers, and has something for everyone.

This particular post is perhaps not the best example of their work. In fact, it definitely isn’t. However, it is a good example of why the Internet exists and why blogs like BookRiot are fun. There are few of us who would compile even a partial list of the numerous literary references in Star Trek: The Next Generation, much less take the time to quickly connect that reference to the plot of the episode. OK, well, maybe more than a few of us would. In fact, it happens in forums all across the web and in L-space too.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun example of a blurb to quickly share.

Wuufu on the ocean. Legonimis at Tenagra. Wuufu at Tenagra. The Tammy at Tenagra. Wuufu and Legonimis on the ocean. Sokath, his eyes open!
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