Featured App: TripCase

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TripCase is a web-based trip managing program that collates all the parts of your trip into one accessible and sharable location. Track things as your trip details change such as live airplane information, view important travel documents, and add places as you travel to your itinerary to plan and remember for later. It’s also easy to get setup, as you just forward them booking confirmation emails from a registered email address and they import all the data to setup your trip.

The service and app is completely free and available on the web, iPhone and Android, with Google and Twitter logins available. You can also share your trips with others so that they get notifications of itinerary changes and can track your trip remotely. For a full list of everything that can be done, and to sign up via the web, click the link above, or download the apps below.

Get TripCase on Apple's App Store
Get TripCase on Google Play Store


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