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HybridWorks is a Japanese app development company that also specialises in beautiful pixel artwork. Their website is entirely written in Flash, and usually I’d say that was a bad thing, but in this case I’m willing to make an exception. What they’ve done with it is very pretty and functional, and offers a wonderful example of a flash site done well.

On the site, you’ll find access to their apps and their artwork, and a lot of free things to download (most of them wallpapers or desktop icons). Click around and see what you can find! Here are some top highlights:

  • Make sure you visit the Desktop Vacation 2008. It’s a beautiful experience, and you can ‘Configure’ it to change how it looks.

  • The Xmas Gifts holds some beautiful Christmassy wallpaper. Be sure to check out the Christmas Market!

  • Check out the previous Desktop Vacation’s too for some more cool effects!

It’s a shame the company seems to have stopped developing, but it’s still worth a visit to see it before it disappears entirely from the Interwebs.

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