Featured Blog Post: This Is What It’s Like To Discover You’re Intersex As A Teen

By on Nov 4, 2015 in Issue 14 | 0 comments

“Being born with an intersex condition is almost as common as being born a redhead,” Quinn revealed in the video. The pair went on to explain other facts about being intersex — like that there are more than 30 different intersex variations (“intersex” is an umbrella term), that sometimes doctors can tell when someone is intersex and sometimes they can’t, and that people can find out they have an intersex variation at any age.

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Our fifth Featured Blog Post takes on the not binary distinction between sexes, and focuses on how it is to find out you are intersex, or different from what society expects. It’s an important article to read, as even if you aren’t with the ‘norm’ (as if that’s even a thing, we’re all unique in our own ways), it doesn’t make you any less normal. In fact it’s becoming increasingly common as the world becomes a more open and accepting place.

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