Random Video: More Amazing Dice from Tim’s Collection

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Tim Rowett is a 70-something gentleman of growing YouTube fame. His lifelong love of toys and novelties, aided by his career as a salesman of such items, has led him to accumulate over 25,000 toys (stored neatly in suitcases throughout his home). His popular YouTube channel, Grand Illusions, Inc., has 500+ videos (some are under a minute; others are upwards of 20) in which he demonstrates various toys and novelties from his collection and his extant toy business.

While many of the items demonstrated are indeed enjoyable (I recognise many of them from my own pre-Internet childhood), the real draw of these videos lies in the man himself. Tim (the Toyman, as he is called) is quite cheery and grandfatherly; he is generous in his amusement and appreciation of what many would consider cheap bits of junk or passé tricks. His polite, splendid, and somewhat twee manner, combined with his tweed-and-sneaker look, make for a truly entertaining (and somehow soothing) experience.

The small-but-dedicated following of his channel, fed somewhat by Reddit, caught the attention of Wired UK in 2014; the resulting article only makes Tim more enjoyable to watch.

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