Issue 13 – October 2015

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Wuufu’s Words

Hello there! Welcome to the October edition of the Wuufu Warble!

I’d like to start out by offering a big thank you to our first major contributor to the Warble, Legonimis, for helping to get this issue out this month. I was going to delay it until next month as I hadn’t got around to producing very much for the next issue, but Legonimis helped by providing for quite a few articles in this months edition, so thank you!

And don’t forget to check out our cover artwork for this month. Peter Mohrbacher is a fantastic artist covering weird and wacky fantastical angels and superhuman figures, and his site (linked above) is well worth the visit.

Finally, you’ll notice a few changes to the design of a few features this issue, notably the Monthly Content and the Fun and Games page. There will be more design changes in store in future issues (especially for the latter as I work again to mix up what we have) and I also intend to redesign the Issues page in full as well, so look out for that.

Enjoy the issue!

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