Featured Website: myNoise.net

By on Sep 1, 2015 in Issue 12 | 0 comments

myNoise.net is a frequency-shaped online noise generator. What does that mean? It means that the website offers a load of atmospheric noises, and that you can adjust these noises through various sliders to get just the right sound for you to listen to.

Noises include the usual ones like raindrops, white noise and a water stream, and also include other more unusual ones, such as an RPG Battlefield, Saturn’s Rings, and my favourite, a Cat’s Purr. Yes, you can seriously listen to a cat purring and adjust the frequency to make it sound just like your cat. Purrfect!

In honourable mention here is another noise related site I found last month, Noisili, which allows you to mix and match your perfect listening environment. So now you can pick and choose sites and sounds to your hearts desire!

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