Featured Game: The Flame in the Flood

By on Sep 1, 2015 in Issue 12 | 0 comments

The Flame in the Flood is our very first Early Access game we’re featuring on the Wuufu Warble. That’s right; it’s not even out yet. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it though, this game looks amazing.

It follows you and your newfound dog friend as you raft down a river, find new places and scavenge and survive in the wilderness. The art style is stunning, the music feels very homely, and the game mechanics look well put together. Have a look at the trailer above, a YouTube run through below (with one of my new favourite YouTubers), and you can pre-order it here so you’ll get it on Early Access when it hits Steam in the next few weeks.

All is right with this one.

Featured App: OverDrive
Random Video: Cow-eyed Butthole


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