Featured Book: I Am Number Four

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I Am Number Four is the first book in the Lorien Legacies, a proposed seven-book series by author Pittacus Lore, which follows the adventures of John Smith, an alien hiding on Earth that is fourth in a line of aliens protected by a charm that means only the lowest number in their ranks can die.

Now the first three are dead. John and his Guardian are thrust into escaping their killers and to not becoming the latest to die.

John has to keep moving: he’s got to outrun his past; escape his mortal enemies the Mogadorians, and blend into normal student life. But above all he must pray his newly found powers – alien legacies from home Planet Lorien – don’t give him away before he can complete his destiny, unlock his powers and protect his future…

This book is far better than the feature film made from it. You should all check it out!

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