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For your chance to win a Love Letter Batman Boxed Edition Card Game worth ~$10*, PM/Telegram/Query Wuufu the answer to the following question:

Which of the following Batman villains once worked as a zoologist?

  1. ManBat
  2. Killer Croc
  3. The Riddler
  4. Poison Ivy

Entries close Tuesday 28th April. The draw will be made shortly after using a random generator and the winner announced in the next issue. Good luck!

*To claim this award, you must have an Amazon account, create a specific wishlist, and add the linked item to your wishlist. Make sure you check to hide your address. If you win, Wuufu will ask you for this wishlist and purchase the item off it, to be delivered direct to you.

Last issue I asked you the question: Which Ray Bradbury novel opens with the words “It was a pleasure to burn”?. The answer: 3) Fahrenheit 451

We had four entrants and the winner of the competition, chosen by Tammy, was Wintermoot! Congratulations, you win a NationStates Postmaster General and will be contacted shortly.


Issue 10 - April 2015
TableTop: TableTop Day - Batman Love Letter

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