Featured App: Firefly Cortex

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The Firefly Cortex application is the official companion app of the upcoming MMO game, Firefly Online. You heard me right; there’s going to be an MMO game set in the Firefly universe. Did I also mention that the full Firefly cast is voice cast in that game, and that the male player voice is Wil Wheaton? OK, I’m rather excited.

Getting back to this app, the companion app allows you to earn brownie points that will transfer over to the game, as well as showcase news and exclusive videos about the upcoming development of the game. Post game release, the app will also allow you to check into your Firefly guy and see how their doing without needing to launch the game.

But there’s more. If you become a Big Damn Hero by making a small purchase within the app, you are able to then open the interactive map of the entire Firefly universe, which is absolutely and utterly stunning. If you are a Firefly fan, that purchase is a must and you can then find and experience all the different places that you are able to visit in the Firefly universe.

Download this app now.

Available on the App Store Available on Google Play 


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