Featured Anime: Knights of Sidonia

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Knights of Sidonia (also available to watch at the Otaku Center) is the very first Netflix Original Series anime that I have watched, and I completed the entire series (all 12 episodes) in the space of a weekend.

It follows a sleeper ship sent out into the stars following the destruction of the Earth solar system called Sidonia. The ship is inhabited by humans who have been genetically engineered to be able to photosynthesise from the sun in an effort to reduce resource consumption from the limited food and water supplies they have.

From within the belly of the ship comes a boy, Nagate, called an underdweller from living outside of the residential districts. He gets taken into the care of the Captain and, because of his exceptional piloting skills, made into one of the elite pilots who fight in the war against the Guana, space-faring shapeshifting monsters bent on the destruction of humanity.

While the art style takes some getting used to, and the characters are sometimes hard to tell apart, the story and music (damn that’s a good opening tune) hook you from the very beginning and whisk you away with more than enough twists, turns and cliff hangars to keep you coming back.

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