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EPIC PRIZE DRAW - How to Enter

This month we have an Epic Draw, which runs slightly different from the normal draw and will play out over this coming month. From 2nd - 18th December there will be letters placed inside selected entries in the upcoming Advent Calendar pages on the Wuufu Warble. These will be clearly labelled in bold at the end of the post, with the last letter guaranteed to come out on the 18th December. Not all calendar pages will have letters displayed.

When you have all the letters, you need to unscramble them into a word and send them to Wuufu as soon as you are able to. Entries can be sent from the 18th December - 21st December inclusive, via the usual PM/Telegram/Query to Wuufu (telegrams should be sent either to Wuufu or Wuureath). Any entries sent outside of this date range will be discarded as invalid.

The winner will be randomly picked and informed between 22nd-23rd December, and formally announced on the 25th December's Advent Calendar entry.

EPIC PRIZE DRAW - What you Win

This is a draw unlike any other, and you can win something big. The winner will receive a Steam game worth £40 / ~€50 / ~$60. Which game? Any one game of their choosing up to and including that price. Seriously; that's one cool prize!

Good luck!

Last issue I asked you the question: Who was the youngest US President to serve office?. The answer: 4) Theodore Roosevelt, who served when he was 42 years of age!

We had only one entrant to that who got it correct and who wins automatically, so give it up for Toms, who is last month's winner and receives a £5/~$8 Amazon voucher.

Issue 8 - December 2014
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