Issue 7 – November 2014

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Wuufu’s Words

Welcome to the seventh issue of the Wuufu Warble. Given the amount of time it has taken me to get this issue ready, I’ve had to skip the continuation of the Reaper, but that will come next week where our heroes will venture into the cellar. Also in next month’s issue will be the first time we have an epic draw, to commemorate the end of 2014, alongside the Warble’s advent calendar, which will count down to Christmas alongside Tammy and Zaphyr, all interlinked. Should be cool…

It has been a couple of months since the previous Warble, given me moving house. I now share a beautiful semi-detached house with garden and driveway with my girlfriend. It’s getting pretty homely, but the amount of time and effort to find it and then move all my stuff from one side of the country to the house on the other side meant I didn’t have time for the release in September. So this one will have to suffice for both!

Before I hold you up anymore, I just want to point out the new social links below each post. You have your usual contenders, but the one on the far left is a simple “like” button. If you like a particular post, do hit that button to add your support for it.

That’s all! Go enjoy this months issue.

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