Featured Game: Godville

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Godville is an online game turned mobile app that is well developed, fun to read, and easy to play. Being a zero-player game, you actually aren’t controlling the main character; instead, most of the time is spent reading what the main character is doing. Confused? Let me explain.

You create a hero and a god. The hero is the main character who then goes off on adventures, completing quests, levelling up, and earning gold, all without your help. You are the god, and you can encourage your hero, healing them, giving them loot, and generally helping them out; or punish them, hurling lightning bolts and causing trouble for your hero. This affects their personality, making them more kind or cruel based upon your actions.

Your hero meanwhile writes regularly in their diary, letting you know what they are doing, and these are usually amusing reports based on well known tropes. There are various objectives for your hero to achieve, along with duels you can send them on, and dungeons you can get them to explore, for the better loot. The game has an active development team and a vibrant community and wiki, along with the ability to easily submit ideas, making sure the game is continually expanding, changing and seemingly alive.

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