Featured Game: Super Digestion Moose

By on Aug 7, 2014 in Issue 5 | 0 comments

Super Digestion Moose is a free, simple to understand but difficult to master game, where you control a moose in the quest for food. You tap the food to eat to prevent starvation while avoiding laxative inducing mushrooms. That’s all folks!

For each food item you eat, you gain a point. For each you miss, you lose a life, which results in the moose physically shrinking in size until, when the third life is lost, your moose shrinks away completely and disappears. Eating mushrooms causes instant death and your moose won’t survive long!

This featured game was provided by my younger brother, who quotes “It’s a majestic game!” If you agree, let me know and I’ll pass on the compliment!


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