Issue 4 – July 2014

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Wuufu’s Words

Welcome to the new Wuufu Warble! This is the place where you will see the latest editions of the magazine you all know and love in a richer and far more personal context.

The reasoning behind this switch was actually influenced by my previous magazine host, Glossi, on their move to a medium that offers even smaller, snapshot style publications. This would have severely limited my publishing capabilities. As such, I’ve gone in-house. This website is hosted using WordPress and a theme called Fable by Elegant Themes. I feel it gives a nicer, more freeing feel to it, as well as allowing me to expand my publication to have more features, and offer more content.

You will also find certain previous features are shuffled around, such as the Video section which now appears at various points as you are browsing through the month’s issue, and a few entirely removed, such as the contents section.

Regardless, I hope you all enjoy what you see here, and do feel free to comment on any of the individual features you see, or in the threads where this is linked.

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